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Unlike a lot of car maintenance tasks, there is no clear timetable to use for how often to replace or repair your brakes. How often you use your brakes largely depends on your typical driving pattern. If you drive mostly on highways, you’ll put more miles on your car, but use your brakes less than someone who drives mostly in the city and stops a lot. So if you can’t go by miles, how do you know when your car is in need of brake repair?

How to Tell When Your Car is in Need of Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Westerville, OhioMost cars have built-in sensors that make a noticeable and annoying squealing sound when the brakes are starting to wear down. Even if your car doesn’t have the sensors, you will still notice screeching or squealing from the worn-down brake pads against the metal disc that slows down your wheels. This is the tell-tale indication that your car needs brake repair. Other signs include pulsing in the brake pedal, your car takes longer to stop, or you have to depress the brake pedal further than normal. Typically, these indications change in increments over time, so they might be hard to spot.

Your tires should be rotated every 6 months or so, and this is a great opportunity to get your brakes inspected and see if there is any dangerous wear or other repairs that need to be made. Remember, you don’t want to put off getting brake repair and risk putting your life in danger in the roadway.

If you are concerned about the state of your car brakes, please bring your vehicle into us at Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC, and we will inspect them for you. We can handle any brake repair you might need and get you back on the road in no time.