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Brake Lines

As the owner and operator of a vehicle, you probably know some basic things about your car. You may know that you need to change the oil at regular intervals, that you should keep your fluids topped off, and that your brakes are an important safety feature. So, when your mechanic says, “You need your brake lines replaced”, you may be wondering what exactly he or she means.

Your brake lines are part of the hydraulic braking system under your car that transmits the proper fluid throughout your steering mechanisms to ensure that your brakes are responsive and coordinate with the other parts of your wheels. If your mechanic sees wetness or leaking on or around your brake lines, this could indicate problems that may mean your vehicle isn’t safe to drive. Other indicators that your brake lines may need attention are rust spots on the lines or odd wheel wear on your inner tires, all of which your mechanic can check for to provide an accurate diagnosis. The good news is that once you know your brake lines need attention, you should be able to have them repaired or replaced in time for your next road trip.

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