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Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

If you’ve ever had to take your car into the shop, explaining to your mechanic what the problem is can be a little bit daunting. Do you mimic the weird noise that your car is making, try to explain it in detail, or just hand them the keys and let them figure it out?

One thing you’ll probably want to make sure is working well this summer is your auto air conditioning, and when it comes to automotive air conditioning repair, there are several things you can say to your mechanic that will give them some hints about the problem.

1. There are funny noises. – Whirring, chirping, grinding – letting them know you hear something that isn’t right is a good start.

2. I smell strange odors. – If you’ve got weird smells coming from your air vents, then your mechanic will want to know.

3. My AC cuts in and out. – A primary indicator that you need automotive air conditioning repair is when your AC cuts in and out. Saying that your AC is intermittent will tell them where they need to start.

4. The fan doesn’t work. – If you turn on your auto air conditioning, but no air comes out, you can tell your mechanic that the fan isn’t running to supply you with cold air.

5. I can’t remember the last time it was serviced. – Sometimes your air conditioning just needs routine servicing and your fluids topped off. Being honest about this issue will help you save some awkward interactions as your mechanic tries to troubleshoot your concerns.

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