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Bring your car in to us at Kevin’s Car Repair LLC, and we will check it to see if it needs an alignment.Have you heard the word alignment and wondered what it meant and how to know if your car needs one? A car alignment refers to the alignment of the front wheel suspension and steering mechanism. Need to know the signs that you need one? This video explores the warning signs that your car needs an alignment.

  1. Pulling- This means that your car pulls to one side without you turning the steering wheel. If you notice your car pulling, get it checked for an alignment.
  2. Wacky Wheel– This means that in order to drive a straight path down the road, you have to hold the wheel at an angle.
  3. Tire Wear- Check your tire tread. If your tires are bald on one side or unevenly worn, you need an alignment as soon as possible to prevent a flat tire.
  4. Turn Return– If your steering wheel doesn’t go back to its normal position quickly after turning, you may be in need of an alignment.
  5. Vibrating Steering Wheel– If your steering wheel (or whole car) is vibrating, you need an alignment. When the wheels pull against each other, it causes your car to vibrate. Thus, you need an alignment to stop the wheel tug-of-war, which will then stop the vibrating.

If you notice any of these signs, bring your car in to us at Kevin’s Car Repair LLC, and we will check it to see if it needs an alignment. Because your safety is important to us, our qualified mechanics are on duty to be sure that you get quick and friendly service. Let us help you to drive safely (and smoothly) down the road.