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Reliable mechanics can save you loads of frustration, time, and money. A reliable mechanic is one in whom you can have confidence to do a good job, have familiarity with your automobile, and give you an honest appraisal of the situation and cost of repair. Trust is really the key word here: trust to do a good job and give you a fair price. But how do you go about finding reliable mechanics?

The first and probably most reliable way is also the most traditional and time-tested: word of mouth. Mechanics who know what they are doing and give a square deal to their customers gain a reputation for it. People love to complain about having auto problems and needing to go to mechanics for repair, so you know they will be talking. But if they feel they’ve been treated fairly and the shop did a good job, they will also be happy to let you know.

You can also look on the internet to see what people have been saying about a certain shop or mechanic. There are customer review websites for just about any service now, and mechanics are no exception. You can also double check to see if what your shop told you is really the case; other people may have had the same problem as you, and you can read about their experience and see what they were charged. Just make sure you compare your situation with others in the same area for accuracy, as costs differ greatly from place to place. Also ensure you take into consideration differences in parts prices for different makes and models of cars and labor variances for different makes and models. (Depending on how the car is designed, it may be easier or more difficult for the mechanic to get to a certain part than in another make and model of car.)

Reliable Mechanics Are Indispensable Assets