Three Signs Your Car’s Alignment Is Off

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When your car’s tires are properly aligned, you’ll be better able to drive safely and effectively in adverse driving conditions, such as slippery roads. However, when your alignment is off, you’ll be dealing with uneven wear and tear, as well as an increased risk of getting into an accident when driving conditions are poor.

Three Signs Your Car’s Alignment Is Off

In order to make sure your car’s tires are aligned properly, pay attention to these three signs that your car alignment may be off:

  1. Your steering wheel is crooked. If your steering wheel isn’t perfectly centered when driving down a straight, flat road, your tires are most likely not aligned. You shouldn’t be turning your steering wheel off-center when driving straight, and this is one of the biggest signs that your car’s alignment is off.
  1. Your tires are wearing down unevenly. Your tires should wear down at about the same rate the longer you drive your vehicle. Checking the tread of your tires every once in a while can alert you to potential issues like uneven tire wear, which usually points to an alignment issue.
  1. Your tires are squealing. There are a number of different issues that can cause your tires to make a squealing noise, with one of them being poor alignment. If your squealing tires are accompanied by uneven tire wear, you should talk to your local mechanic about fixing your car’s alignment.

Making sure your car is properly aligned isn’t an issue you should take lightly. For an alignment service you can rely on, reach out to us at Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC.