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Volkswagen repairMany Volkswagen owners, or would-be owners, are under the impression that Volkswagen repair must be done at a dealership. However, this is not the case. Having a mechanic you trust at an auto repair shop that specializes in Volkswagen repair is also possible, and in fact, offers distinct advantages over going to the dealership.

When going to a dealership, you do know that the mechanics will be familiar with the car being repaired, but their familiarity is not an advantage, as mechanics in independent auto shops will be at least as knowledgeable. What you also get at the dealership are representatives looking for ways to void warranties, pressuring sales tactics, higher prices due to larger overhead, and even sometimes scams. It can be much better to have your Volkswagen repair done at a repair shop where you know and trust the mechanics.

Another misconception is that having repair work done with an independent shop, rather than at the dealership, will void your vehicle’s warranty. That is simply not the case; you can have work done anywhere you want. Just make sure to keep accurate records of all the work done and receipts for all parts purchased.

Volkswagen repair is now made even easier by the popularity and more widespread manufacturing of automobile parts. Many parts are made right here in the U.S., and as a result, are less expensive and easier to find. Mechanics at an independent shop will know where to find the parts you need and will sometimes even be able to find parts for better prices.