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Being stuck in a hot car with a broken AC is a miserable experience. When there’s a problem with your car’s air conditioning, you want to know what’s wrong, and more importantly, get it fixed ASAP! Well, there are many reasons why you may need car AC repairs, but here are some common issues that tend to pop up:

What’s Wrong with My Car AC?

  • Weak or No Airflow – This could be from a loose hose, a broken ventilation fan, or an open seal in the ventilation system.
  • What’s Wrong with My Car AC?The Air Isn’t Cold – There might be a Freon leak. It’s also possible that your refrigerant needs to be recharged, the blend air door could be stuck, or there could be a plugged hose.
  • The Air Starts Cold, but then Turns Warm – This could be due to a blown fuse, clogged expansion valve, or a faulty compressor clutch.
  • Bad Smell – If you have a weird smell coming from your vents, then this could be a sign that there is mold or mildew growth inside your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

There you are, some of the more typical car AC issues. But as you can see, there can be many different causes for the same problem. The bottom line is that your car AC system is complicated, and you should use a trained and certified mechanic to diagnose and fix the issue. Here at Kevin’s Car Repair LLC, our experienced mechanics can quickly identify the problem, fix your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and get you comfortably back on the road in no time! Give us a call for more information or to make a diagnostic appointment.