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Tire Replacement, Westerville, OH

Don’t put you and your family’s safety at risk when we can take care of your tire replacement in Westerville, OH at an affordable price.

Tire ReplacementOf all the things that are part of keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle, one of the most important is tire replacement. While neglecting most things can earn you a larger repair ticket, driving around on bad tires can get you in an accident. Don’t put you and your family’s safety at risk when at Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC in Westerville, OH, we can take care of your tire replacement at a price more affordable than you might think.

There isn’t a solid formula for determining when tire replacement is needed because there are so many variables that you cannot just go by number of miles driven or even a set tread depth. However, our experts can assess your tires and let you know whether tire replacement should be done now or whether you have some more time on them. They can also give you an estimate of the remaining time they have left, although it will depend on various factors that cannot be predicted, so this will only be an estimate.

When it comes to tire tread depth as one of the indications, we also look at the season of the year because you will need more tread depth remaining in the winter than you will on dry roads. You also need more in the spring when there are wet roads. Another thing we look at is the age of your tires. If your tires are more than 5 years old, they may exhibit signs of aging even if they haven’t been driven much. Even tires that have only been stored and not used at all will eventually not be usable.

If you would like us to inspect your vehicle’s tires, drop by or give us a call. We will only recommend tire replacement if it is necessary because our motto is “always honest, always fair.”