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3 Common Brake Problems Requiring Auto RepairBrakes are among the most common causes of the need for auto repair. Though people sometimes tend to delay the repair or replacement of brakes on their cars, the brake system is one area that should never be neglected. It is therefore important to recognize when you may have problems with your brakes and thus need auto repair.

  • Screeching Sound – If you hear a screeching sound coming from your car when you press down on the brakes, take notice. Brake pads are designed so that when they reach a certain level of wear, the contact on the brakes when the pedal is depressed creates a screeching noise to alert the driver of the need for replacement. When you start hearing this sound, it’s time to take your car to the auto repair shop.
  • Soft Brake Pedal – If your brake pedal suddenly seems to have lost resistance to your application of pressure, you could be experiencing any of a long list of brake problems. However, among the most likely causes is a low fluid level or a leak in the fluid line. Brake systems are hydraulic, meaning they depend on fluids to operate. When the fluid level within the brake lines is too low, the pressure within the line, which gives your pedal the resistance to the touch that you apply, will drop significantly. This can be a dangerous situation; if you have noticed your brake pedal is getting soft, immediately contact a mechanic at an auto repair shop.
  • Shuddering – If either your steering wheel or your car in general seems to shudder or shake when the brake is applied, you should take the event as a signal that it is time to visit the auto repair shop. A shuddering brake is not something that will go away if ignored; left unattended, it will, in fact, simply become worse and more dangerous. It is usually caused by a warped rotor, which is, in turn, usually caused by a delay in getting a brake job. Worn down brakes can cause the rotor to heat and warp over time. If your car is shuddering upon the application of the brake, do not delay; neglecting auto repair at this point could be seriously dangerous to you and others on the road, as well.


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