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4 Signs You Need Brake RepairDriving around with bad brakes can be very dangerous. That is why it is so important to notice the signs of bad brakes. Many people overlook the signs of faulty brakes. Here are signs you need brake repair.

  1. Weird Sounds – If you notice a loud screeching sound when you use your brakes, there is definitely something wrong with them. The brake pads are likely worn out, and you will need brake repair.
  2. Vibrations Does your car start vibrating whenever you use the brakes? If so, you definitely need brake repair. When your brakes vibrate, you likely have warped rotors.
  3. Worn Brake Pads If your brake pads are worn, you definitely need to get your brakes serviced. When the brake pads get thin and worn, they are not able to stop your car as well.
  4. Pulling Does your car pull to one side when you use your brakes? If this is the case, the brake lining might be wearing unevenly. Pulling can also occur if there is something foreign in the brake fluid.

If you notice any of these signs, you definitely need to take your car to Kevin’s Car Repair in Westerville, Ohio or another mechanic in your area. If you wait too long to get your brakes repaired, you not only risk costly repairs in the future; you also risk getting into an accident on the road.