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Auto Repair and Maintenance: Replacing Your Serpentine and/or V BeltsThe replacement of belts is usually left out when the subject of auto maintenance comes up. We tend to think of maintenance as checking and changing the oil and other fluid levels, pumping up the tires, and maybe even washing the car. But the fact is that the belts in your car must also be maintained or replaced periodically. Neglecting this responsibility could result in much more extensive (and expensive) auto repair.

If your serpentine belt fails, you are broken down. Period. The serpentine belt runs through a series of greatly important areas within your engine, including the alternator, the power steering pump, water pump and the air pump. The good news, however, is that replacing the serpentine belt can do a lot for helping to prevent its failing and leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere at the most inopportune time imaginable, of course. To avoid a breakdown and auto repair, a good rule of thumb is to inspect the belt at least once a year, and don’t wait more than five or six years to replace it.

The V belt, or fan belt, presents a similar situation. Though you may get a few extra miles in should your V belt fail, most of the time you will be broken down all the same. If you have a V belt, you should inspect it at least every year or more and replace it, at most, every four or five years.

Keeping an eye on and replacing these belts can do a lot for preventing breakdowns and potentially causing the need for more extensive auto repair. During an inspection, keep an eye out for cracks, tears and worn-out areas. Also look to see whether the belt looks wet on either side. All of these are tell-tale signs of the need for replacement, but unfortunately, the naked-eye test is not always enough. As your belts are getting older, make sure to have a mechanic at your local auto repair shop take a look at them during a routine maintenance inspection.


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