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Auto ACAlthough Black Death can’t be compared to the seriousness of the deadly plague in the 14th Century, if your auto AC system gets Black Death, it becomes infected just like the plague.

Black Death develops inside the compressor of a vehicle’s air conditioning system if the refrigerant breaks down. From here, the grimy and sharp particles created during the breakdown infect the rest of the air conditioning system, wreaking complete havoc. Before you know it, all airflow has gone. Enter the auto AC grim reaper!

The best way to protect your car from Black Death is to have your AC checked out regularly.

Now, what about weak air flow? Well, a lot of factors come into play here. If you notice reduced flow early on, rather than later, have it inspected before other fatal damage occurs. The main causes are:

  • Mildew or mold that has built up in the evaporator coil
  • A fried ventilation fan – if the fan isn’t blowing, air flow is restricted
  • A loose hose – this typically occurs with the hose that delivers air to the blower
  • Seals – blower house seals, core case seals, or evaporator core case seals. These can all affect the flow of air. If they open up, an entire auto AC system is compromised.

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