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car heating & ACYou might consider your car’s heating & AC system a luxury. Maybe you enjoy driving to work on a snowy morning, bundled up in three coats, two pairs of gloves, a hat for your head and a scarf to cover your mouth. If you think that’s fun, think about driving in the scorching summer heat with no air conditioning. Windows rolled down, warm air rushing past your face . . . If those two scenarios aren’t quite your idea of comfort, then you need to get your car heating & AC checked.

Sometimes, your car heating & AC system just requires a simple fix. For example, your AC might have a small leak. We can repair the leak, and then refill your refrigerant. A common heating problem occurs when your heater has a blockage that won’t allow heat into the car. In that case, we would clean out the blockage and heat would be restored.

Other times, your problem may be more complex. For example, you may have a damaged AC evaporator or compressor, which would take more time and effort to fix. If your car has corrosion in the heater core, it would cause leakage and require special tools to access and fix.

To avoid costly repairs, it is a good idea to get your car heating & AC checked at the first sign of trouble. At Kevin’s Car Repair LLC, we have the tools, experience and knowledge base to accurately diagnose the problem. We’ll help you be comfortable in your ride, no matter what the weather!