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Preventative car repair services can dramatically extend the life of your vehicle and improve driving performance. Here are a few non-emergency maintenance tasks you should perform on your car to keep it running at top performance.

  • Windshield Wiper Blades
    • These blades improve the visibility during rain and snowstorms, so change them every 6-12 months for safer driving.
  • Battery
    • Instead of waiting for the car battery to die (which always happens at the worst possible time, like when you have a big meeting at work or are out of town), set yourself a reminder to replace the battery every five years.
  • Air Filter
    • Take a look at the grille of your vehicle– chances are high that there are bugs, leaves, dirt, and other icky stuff inside that accumulates while you drive. The air filter prevents these items from getting into your engine, which would cause serious damage and maybe even destroy the car.
    • Change your air filter at least every 30,000 miles to protect your engine.
  • Oil Filter
    • Along with the air filter, an oil filter keeps the engine oil clean and free from debris.
    • Without a functioning oil filter, particles will get into the engine bearings and result in low pressure, which will damage the engine.
    • An oil filter becomes bogged down with oil after about 3,000 miles, so check it and replace it at least that often.
  • Belts
    • Your vehicle has multiple belts (or chains) that are crucial in its function, so check these for any signs of wear, and replace them even if they just have small cracks or chips.

Preventative car repair services don’t take too much work, but they can prevent much bigger and more expensive problems down the road!

Car Repair Services That Keep Your Vehicle Going [infographic]


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