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Driving Is More Dangerous and More Expensive with Improper Wheel AlignmentWhat would happen if you gave a professional long-distance runner a different type of shoe for each foot to wear for his next race? Odds are that his performance will suffer. The same applies to your vehicle’s driving potential if it hasn’t got proper wheel alignment.

When your car’s alignment is not correctly proportioned, two things can occur:

  1. Driving is more dangerous
  2. Driving is more expensive

Not only does improper wheel alignment reduce tire life and gas mileage, but it also adds stress to other parts of the vehicle, such as the steering system, and it causes overall structural damage, as well. Ideally, your car’s wheels should be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.

Adjusting the wheels’ angles to meet the above criteria is what our skilled mechanics at Kevin’s Car Repair in Westerville, OH, do to ensure that your vehicle is properly aligned. A vehicle that’s out of alignment can drift or pull away from a straight road, resulting in a potentially fatal accident.

Another result of bad wheel alignment – excessive tire wear – can result in poor traction and blowouts, which can also have potentially devastating consequences. That’s why it is vital for you to let our alignment experts ensure that you’re driving safely and smoothly.

Wheel alignment can be impacted by other factors. An obvious sign that you need our computerized service is a minor or major collision that caused physical damage to your car. The presence of uneven wear patterns on the tires, and steering problems, need urgent attention. However, alignment issues don’t only occur from accidents and collisions; they can arise by simply grazing a curb or driving over a pothole. You should also get a wheel alignment if you have recently purchased new tires.