How to Find the Best Auto Body Shop

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If you are in search of an auto body shop, then you know that there are many to choose from. How do you know if you are taking your car to an auto body shop that is experienced, knowledgeable and will treat you right? Here are a few things we recommend considering when selecting an auto body shop.

How to Find the Best Auto Body Shop

  • Estimates – Auto body work can be very costly. It is okay to collect several estimates for the work you need to get done. Cost isn’t always the most important deciding feature of an auto body shop, but it is important to take it in to consideration.
  • Reviews and word of mouth – Not all auto body shops are equal in the quality of work, price and customer care. It is important to look at reviews and to ask others you know who have had recent auto body work done. Sometimes the best auto body shop is not the largest and most fancy body shop in town.
  • Ask questions – When looking for an auto body shop it is important to ask the right questions. Find out how much their labor rate is to fix cars. Ask if they offer a warranty and how long that warranty is good for. Does the auto body shop carry insurance? Ask how long they have been in business and if they have a business license. Have they worked on your type of car before? There are so many important questions to ask before committing to an auto body shop.

We hope that you take these three important recommendations with you to every auto body shop you are considering. When you talk to us, we are confident that you will be very well pleased with our estimates, reviews, our rates, and overall business. We always place our customers first and strive to make you happy with all of your auto body repairs.