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Give Your Car the Love it Deserves with a Vehicle Tune-up
Our vehicles are something we take for granted on a daily basis. Sure, we put gas in them when they are empty. Sometimes, we even wash them! As long as our cars and trucks are in working order, we are usually fine with doing the bare minimum to keep them in that condition.

In all reality, cars need love, too! A regular vehicle tune-up will keep your car performing at full capacity and having a vehicle that is in good working order will make it so your vehicle can perform efficiently. A more efficient car will actually save you money in the long run. Regular vehicle tune-ups can prevent big and costly repairs in your future. If you plan on owning your car for a long time, it is in your best interest to have regular vehicle tune-ups.

Here are a few sure signs that your vehicle is in need of a tune-up:

  • A vibration occurs when you are driving that is not related to the road conditions you are driving on.  A vibration can mean many things. For instance, it can indicate a joint that is going bad, unbalanced tires, worn out tires, or a variety of other problems.
  • Your vehicle is slow to accelerate or loses power. If you are speeding up to merge onto the highway and you feel like your vehicle has no power, you probably need a vehicle tune-up.
  • Noises that are not normal for your vehicle happen often. This can be a screeching or squeaking sound when you brake, a cling or a clang under the hood, or a squealing when you turn the steering wheel. These sounds can all indicate problems with your brakes, belts, timing, fluid levels, and many other problems. Getting your vehicle checked out can prevent these sounds from becoming an expensive problem.
  • Poor gas mileage can also indicate you are in need of a vehicle tune-up. If you feel like you are filling your gas tank more often than is normal, this could mean your vehicle is not running as efficiently as possible.