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Keeping Cool: Vehicle Air Conditioning
Imagine you are driving down the road on a hot summer day. The radio is playing your favorite songs and life is good! Now, imagine that your car has no air conditioning. This would ruin your nice, fun summer drive.  No one wants to be stuck in the heat of summer with no air conditioning in their car. You can prevent this misery by knowing the warning signs that indicate your vehicle’s air conditioning is not functioning properly:

  • A bad or foul smell when you turn the air conditioning on —This can indicate that you have mold growth in your air conditioning unit.  You should get this taken care of because mold can make you and your loved ones sick. Mold growth can also cause breathing and respiratory problems.
  • A leak in your air conditioner — This can be hard to spot since leaks are usually gradual, but if you notice your air conditioner seems to have low pressure you could have a leak. Dye can be put in your lines to see exactly where the leak is coming from.
  • Water stains inside your vehicle —Water dripping from the bottom of the vehicle is perfectly normal and is nothing to cause concern. If you do not see water draining from the bottom of the car and see water stains on the floor inside the car, this could mean that your air conditioning needs to be repaired.
  • Weird noises coming from your air vents — This could be a hissing or clanging, banging, or rattling sound.  This could simply mean you have some debris or something clogging your air conditioning, but it could also indicate that a main part of the air conditioner unit could be going out.