Little-Known Facts About Automotive AC

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For most of us, all we care to know about automotive AC is that it is working to keep our vehicles comfortable on a hot summer day. Inquisitive minds might be fascinated about how AC works and would like a bit more information. If you are in this group, read on to learn a few little-known facts about automotive AC.

  • You shouldn’t top off the refrigerant in your automotive AC system- If you suspect your system is running low on refrigerant, you are correct that it needs to be addressed. The compressor is working far too hard even before the refrigerant drops to the point where you experience lack of cooling. However, you should never top off the refrigerant, as you do not know how much to add and risk damaging the system. Instead, take it to a technician who will do the job right by pulling out the refrigerant, removing contaminants, and performing the correct refrigerant charge.

Little-Known Facts About Automotive AC

  • Your automotive AC system is working when you are defrosting the windows- You might think that the AC only needs to work in the summer, but the compressor is working during defrost too. Hence, if the refrigerant is low, you could experience compressor damage even during the winter.
  • All automotive AC systems leak- The fittings used in all systems have an acceptable leakage rate that results in up to 2 ounces of lost refrigerant each year. Modern vehicles hold far less refrigerant than older ones, so you can get into trouble quicker than you think. That is why you should have automotive AC systems checked out every two years.

If it has been more than two years since your vehicle has had the automotive AC system serviced, we recommend reaching out to us at Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC. It is far more affordable to keep up with your AC system than it is to make repairs later.