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Vehicle experts recommend an oil change service every 3,000 miles for most cars, although certain types of higher-quality synthetic oil might last longer. An oil change is also one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance, since without it, the oil in your car can become dirty and cause serious damage to the engine. Here are the steps that a good auto technician should perform during a full oil change.

  • Check Levels
    • First, he or she will probably check the levels and condition of the oil, since this clarifies how well you have been taking care of the vehicle.
  • Oil Drainage
    • Next, the technician either lifts the car up or goes into a pit underneath the car and removes the oil pan. This allows all of the old oil to drain out and leaves room for fresh oil.
  • Oil Filter
    • An oil filter removes impurities, such as dirt and flecks of metal, from the oil before it goes into the engine, similar to the kidneys in the human body.
    • If the filter gets too coated in oil, it can no longer do its job.
    • Impurities in the engine can cause damage and destruction.
    • The technician will then remove the filter and replace it with one that has been lubricated.
  • Replace the Oil
    • Following the replacement of the filter, the technician will put the oil pan back on the bottom of the car and reattach the bolt that holds it in place.
    • He or she will then refill the engine with oil.
    • There are various oil brands that offer a range of service ratings and viscosity grades, so you can choose, or your technician can choose for you.
      • The service rating tells you which type of engine the oil is for: diesel or gasoline.
      • Thinner oil has a lower number and flows easily, while more viscous oils have a higher number.

Make sure to keep your engine running smoothly by scheduling or performing oil changes frequently.

What Happens During an Oil Change Service?

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