The Possibilities After Vehicle Restorations

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By and large, the reason most people have a classic car restored is for their personal enjoyment. There is just something exciting about bringing an old car back to life and then driving around town making heads turn as you do. However, is that the only reason to proceed with vehicle restoration? Not even close! Here are a few more possibilities you should know about and why working with a shop that restores classic cars can be a great idea.

  • Classic car shows- It can be great fun to enter competitions. You can win awards and even cash prizes depending on the events you enter your restorations in.

The Possibilities After Vehicle Restorations

  • Sell your classic car- Restorations often fetch top dollar among enthusiasts who do not have the time or experience to restore a classic car themselves. Keeping as true to original as possible could push the value even higher, although there is also a market for restorations with modern upgrades.
  • Keep as an investment- Restorations can increase in value over the years, so the longer you keep your classic car, the more you could get for it down the road.
  • Donate it- If you are looking for a nice charitable donation write-off, consider donating your restorations to a museum or other charity.
  • Give to a loved one- Treat a child or grandchild to your classic car down the road, and they will think you are a rock star!


At Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC, one of our passions is restorations. We have worked on a ton of classic cars, and no matter what you plan to do with yours when it’s done, we are confident it will be as beautiful as you envision. We can restore it to original or add some custom modifications based on your preferences. Contact us today to learn more.