Three Reasons Not to Put Off Your Oil Change

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Life is busy, which means it’s easy for things like your car’s oil change to go ignored for a long time. However, there are some tasks that should be a top priority, and an oil change is one of them. While it may not seem too important to make sure your car’s oil is changed once a certain amount of time has passed or you’ve driven a certain number of miles, below are three reasons why you shouldn’t put off your car’s oil change.

Three Reasons Not to Put Off Your Oil Change

  1. It preserves your car’s parts. Oil helps your car’s parts work their best. Over time, the oil gets filled with different contaminants that interact with your car parts, causing friction. This friction will wear down your car parts and cause damage that can’t be solved by simple repair services. You can prevent premature breakdown of these car parts by prioritizing your car’s oil changes.
  1. It keeps your engine efficient. Your car’s engine has to work harder when the oil in your car is old or contaminated. When your engine works harder, you’ll be dealing with poor gas mileage. If you make sure to change your oil when it gets old, you’ll benefit from a more efficient engine and better gas mileage.
  1. It reduces pollution. In addition to providing you with better gas mileage, an efficient engine as a result of freshly changed oil will produce less pollution than dirtier engines with old oil. Making sure to prioritize oil changes will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Oil changes are a simple form of car maintenance that can make a big difference in how long your engine lasts. If you want to get the most out of your engine, be sure to reach out to us at Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC when you need an oil change.