Why New Tires are Best for Tire Replacement

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There are many things that you can find in used condition that have plenty of useful life remaining. That even goes for tires in many cases. However, if you want to have the most reliable experience, nothing is better than buying new tires when you need tire replacement. One reason for this is because just looking at how much tread is remaining on a tire does not tell the full story of the condition of the tire.

Why New Tires are Best for Tire Replacement

To demonstrate this, here’s a true story that you might find interesting. A senior citizen was looking for a deal on a used vehicle. Since she drives very little, it seemed reasonable to purchase a 20-year-old vehicle. By chance, she found one that had very low mileage and the tires looked great. What she didn’t know is that the car hadn’t been driven hardly at all after the tires were put on, and they were actually several years old.

When she drove down the road, she had a tire blow out – not one, not two, but three of them at once! As it turned out, the tires were dry rotted. After collecting her wits after such a scare and buying four new tires, she made out pretty good financially, but it could have been a disaster if she’d lost control of the vehicle because of the blowouts.

This scenario might not happen to you when you buy used tires, but it does explain why you should be cautious during tire replacement and why new tires represent less risk in the long run. In addition, when you purchase a used car, it isn’t a bad idea to have the tires checked out, as there are many factors that can affect their reliability. If you have questions about tire replacement, reach out to us at Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC. We are dedicated to helping you have a safe and reliable vehicle!