Top 3 Tips for Collision Repair [infographic]

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Getting in a car accident is bad enough that you do not want your collision repair experience to be another added headache. Below we have gathered our team to give you our top 3 expert tips for collision repair.

great reputation with collision repair

  1. Find a mechanic you trust. Take the time to do your research when selecting a mechanic. This could include asking around for recommendations, reading online reviews, and going to meet with a few potential mechanics to get an estimate. Find someone you trust, have great communication with, is licensed and insured, and who has a great reputation with collision repair.
  2. Read the fine print with your insurance. Insurance can be an amazing saving grace after an accident, and they can also be a giant cause of stress. Take the time to read through the fine print of your insurance’s collision repair policy. This could dictate where you look for a mechanic and answer a lot of questions of what you are financially responsible for.
  3. Do not assume you have to go to your dealer. When you buy a new car, the dealership may make you feel that you are going to ruin your perfect car if you go anywhere but the dealership for everything from oil changes to collision repair. This is not the case. You and your car will be in good hands as long as you find a trustworthy and experienced technician who specializes in whatever you need to have done or in your vehicle model.  

Top 3 Tips for Collision Repair