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oil changeYou know the recommendation. Get your oil changed every 4-6 months or every 3,000-7,000 (or 10,000 depending on who you ask) miles. But is it really that important? Your car seems to be functioning just fine. Every time you check the oil, it’s full . . . dirty, but full. When you have regular oil changes, your car gets some really great benefits.

Top benefits of regular oil changes:

  • Regular oil changes help to lubricate the engine. This reduces the amount of friction in your engine, which protects the components of your engine. They are able to continue to move smoothly.
  • A cleaner engine is another benefit of regular oil changes. As the oil cycles through your engine, it collects dirt and debris. Changing the oil regularly gets rid of the dirty oil, thus making sure that your engine is being lubricated with clean, rather than contaminated, oil.
  • The two main causes of engine erosion are friction and use. Regular oil changes reduce the friction, which in turn reduces the wear on your engine. Therefore, regular oil changes prolong the life of your engine.
  • Clean oil is free of dirt and debris and allows the engine to run cleaner. A clean engine gives off less exhaust than a dirty one. Therefore, by using clean oil, you decrease the amount of pollution from your vehicle’s emissions
  • One of the most exciting benefits is an increase in gas mileage. As already pointed out, regular oil changes lead to reduced friction and increased lubrication. This allows your engine to run better, and in turn, causes an increase in gas mileage.

At Kevin’s Car Repair LLC, we know that keeping your engine running smoothly is important. When you are in need of an oil change, give us a call, and we will give you quality service, so your car will continue to function efficiently.