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How Does Wheel Alignment Work?

Wheel alignment is a necessary maintenance on any automobile. With improper alignment, wheels will tend to wear down much more quickly: a situation annoying and expensive at best, and at worst extremely dangerous. Improper alignment can also cause difficulty in your steering and handling of the car. The following is a brief video explaining how properly and improperly aligned wheels will affect your vehicle.


How Does Wheel Alignment Work

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  1. Proper wheel alignments are what will not only make your car handle and perform the way it did when it was new but is the most critical maintenance item to make those tires you just paid a ton of money for last a very long time.
    Rotate them every 6,000 and align them every 12,000 and they will last a long long time.
    If you vehicle has different tire sizes front and rear you should still do the alignment every 12k.

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