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How Often Is a Wheel Alignment Necessary?

How Often Is a Wheel Alignment Necessary?Having your wheels aligned on a car is a must for any vehicle and driver. However, the question isn’t so much “how often” to have a wheel alignment done, but “when” to have it done. A wheel alignment should really be a one-time deal, as long as your suspension holds up. A lot of force is required to knock a wheel out of alignment, as it is tied up with the car’s suspension system. That being said, it is possible for wheels to come out of alignment – it just doesn’t happen naturally, like oil running low or tires wearing down. So then, what are some signs signaling the need for a wheel alignment?

Any noticeable problem in steering or control of the car should be a sign to have your alignment checked. If a part of your suspension is damaged, this may result in trouble with handling. Having your alignment checked can be helpful in finding the source of the problem.

If you notice your tires becoming quickly worn down, it could be a sign that something is not right in the alignment. The alignment should ensure that the tires are straight and wear in a typical pattern, not excessively. A tire that is off by even a very small amount can drag sideways a great deal, causing unnecessary wear.

If you get new tires, especially high-quality tires, wheel alignment is often suggested as a means to ensure the life of the tires. While alignment isn’t usually suggested as general maintenance, it can be a good idea because it gets slightly off as the mileage on the car increases. However, when you are having parts replaced in your suspension or steering systems, a new alignment is often required.