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brake repairWhen you live a busy life, it’s easy to ignore the subtle signs of brake wear and tear on your car. However, if you learn what to watch for, you could end up saving yourself a major headache later on—when the brakes fail and you end up in an emergency situation.

What are the signs that your brakes are in need of some kind of service? Unmistakable signs of needed brake repair include things like the brake light turning on or an increase in the amount of time it takes you to stop. Those signs are rather clear. If you experience either situation, you should come in immediately and we’ll do a brake check, so you will know what is happening with your car.

There are also other, more subtle signs that your car needs brake repair. The first vague sign of brake failure is worn pads. Disc brakes use pads that close on the rotors when you step on the brake. As time goes on, the thickness of the pads wears down due to the friction involved. When your brake pads are thin, it’s time to replace them. Another possible indication of worn-out brakes is strange sounds, such as grinding or squealing when you apply the brake. Thirdly, your car could be pulling to one side or another when you are driving or stepping on the brake. A fourth hidden sign is vibration when braking normally. Finally, if your brake pedal feels like it wants to go through the floor when you are braking, you have a brake issue.

Many of the subtle signs can signal other car problems. If you notice any of these symptoms, bring your car in to us as soon as possible for brake repair. We can determine what is causing your car to manifest these symptoms. At Kevin’s Car Repair LLC, we know that brake problems are a serious issue, as the failure of your brakes can lead to serious accidents. We can help you to fix your brake problems before they become “break” problems.