Telltale Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

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Have you noticed strange noises coming from your vehicle? Is your car pulling to the side? If so, your car could need a wheel alignment. An alignment is a regular part of car maintenance that you should practice regularly to keep your vehicle in its best shape.

Telltale Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment

There are some definite signs that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. For example, uneven tire wear, your steering wheel turning when you are driving straight, strange noises, noisy tires, or your car pulling to one side can all signal the need for a wheel alignment. If you have noticed one or more of these issues, take your vehicle to your trusted mechanic, like Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC. From there, our team can further assess your concerns.

You may be asked some questions to help us best serve you, such as:

  • How long have you noticed your car running differently?
  • When was the last time you checked your tire pressure?
  • Are the issues happening constantly or intermittently?
  • Have you had your tires replaced recently?

Your auto technician will analyze the answers you provide and your car’s overall condition and ultimately decide whether you need a wheel alignment.

If a wheel alignment is needed, our team will have your vehicle back to its best shape in no time. We’ll make sure you are safely back on the road soon, saving you precious time and money!