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Tires Are a Prime Indicator That a Vehicle Is Out of AlignmentIf you are wondering if your vehicle needs an alignment, look at the tires first. Uneven wear, often on the outside of the tires, is a prime indication that the vehicle is out of line. Here are three more indicators:

  1. You are driving straight, but the steering wheel isn’t centered
  2. The steering wheel vibrates
  3. It feels like your vehicle is drifting to one side, even though you think you’re driving straight

If none of these indicators are apparent but it’s been some time since your last alignment, read your owner’s manual to find out how often the manufacturer recommends this procedure. All manufacturers designate standard angles, specified in degrees, for alignment. If you drive a high-performance or sports car, one of our mechanics might be able to align the suspension to improve tire performance and handling. However, this may still lead to uneven tire wear.

It’s important to note that the term ‘alignment’ does not really refer to the wheels, but rather the suspension. As part of everyday driving, parts of the suspension become worn and the springs stretch. Even bumping a curb or a small fender-bender can knock the suspension out, rendering some of the highly calibrated parts out of kilter and causing the wheels to sit at wrong angles. Alignment restores the angles, making sure the wheels sit straight.

For a safer, smoother ride, visit us at Kevin’s Car Repair in Westerville, OH, for wheel alignment and diagnostic testing of your Volkswagen or Audi. We also offer balancing and wheel mounting services.