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With our paint touch-up bottles, you’ll be able to take care of small scratches, chips, and dings yourself.

Paint Touch-Up Bottles in Worthington, OhioHave you ever had a small scratch or chip in your vehicle’s paint, and although it drove you crazy, you didn’t feel it was necessary to take it to a body shop to have it repaired? At Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC, we don’t mind these small projects, but we also have a solution that will save you time. We can create paint touch-up bottles so that you can handle the touch-up yourself and be ready for the next blemish that comes along.

All you need do is bring in your vehicle so that we can expertly match the paint color. With our process, we are able to create paint touch-up bottles that are an accurate match even if the paint has faded since you first purchased your vehicle. If you were to get paint touch-up bottles from the dealership, it will be the original color and might make the repair stick out like a sore thumb. In addition, if you have a classic car or even one in a color that dealerships no longer support, you might not even be able to get the color you want.

If you would prefer to handle each scratch or ding as it shows up without the need to book an appointment each time, you’ll love the convenience of paint touch-up bottles. The bottle will be sufficient for several uses, and we can save your formula so you can get additional bottles at a later time if need be. We are happy to answer your questions so that you can decide whether this is a better solution for your needs than standard touch-up services.

Reach out to us today to learn more about paint touch-up bottles or any of our auto body shop services or auto repair services at our car repair and body shop. We proudly serve those in the Worthington, Ohio area.

At Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC, we offer car Paint Touch-Up Bottles services to those in Westerville, Columbus, Worthington, and Mid-Ohio.