3 Problems You’ll Avoid by Frequently Getting an Oil Change

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mechanic changing oil

As mechanics, one of the questions we are asked the most is, “How often should I get my oil changed?”. It’s a hard question to answer because everyone owns different types of cars and everyone uses their vehicle differently. Some people are commuting hours to work every day, others are doing a couple short errands a week, and others still are doing cross-country road trips.

One of the best ways that we answer the oil change question is by referring you to the owner’s manual for your car. It will give you model-specific details about how often you should get an oil change. It’s important to note that usually the oil should be changed after a certain number of miles have been driven or after a certain period of time, whichever occurs first.

Below we’ve listed just three problems you’ll avoid by frequently getting an oil change:

  1. An engine that doesn’t run efficiently
  2. Debris that builds up in the filter
  3. Engine parts that wear out and need to be repaired or replaced

Consider regular oil changes as insurance for your engine. If you’re paying a nominal fee to have the oil changed on a regular basis, you’ll avoid expensive repairs for your car. In that way, you’re paying a little bit to save yourself from having to pay a lot.

If you haven’t had an oil change in a while, consult your owner’s manual and get started scheduling one right away. The lubrication will keep everything functioning much more efficiently and you’ll enjoy the benefits of properly caring for your car.