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How Do You Know if Auto Mechanics Are Honest?You’re driving home from work in the sweltering heat on a busy highway. Suddenly, a red light shaped like an oil can starts blinking on the dashboard, and at the same time, you smell something strange. So, you park the car in a safe place on the side of the road and switch the engine off.

Fast forward . . . You’re now sitting in the waiting room of a car repair shop and along come two serious-looking mechanics. You wonder, are they honest? They tell you the damage is significant and that you should brace yourself for the cost. When you hear how much, you nearly fall over. How can it possibly be so expensive? Can I trust these mechanics?

Well, maybe. First ask them to show you what’s wrong with your car and to give a full explanation. Even if you don’t really understand what they are saying, it shows the mechanics that you’re not going to take everything at face value.

Do not allow anyone to pressure you into a decision. Scare tactics can be effective, but remember you are the customer, and you have the power to take your car somewhere else. If the mechanics get angry at any time during your interaction or when you express your intention to get a second opinion, this is an indication of dishonesty.

Now, here’s some good news. Our mechanics, at Kevin’s Car Repair are 100% Honest (with a capital H). In fact, our business tagline is ‘Always Honest, Always Fair’, and our many customers will verify this. So, bring your car to us today! We’re based in Westerville, OH, but we also serve Columbus and Mid-Ohio.