What You Might Not Know About Brakes and Brake Repair

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There are some things that can go wrong with your vehicle that you don’t really have to concern yourself with until symptoms show up, provided you are attentive and get to a shop when you do notice a problem. However, your vehicle’s brakes are not one of them!

What You Might Not Know About Brakes and Brake Repair

The only symptom you could get beyond some squealing is brake failure and the resulting accident. It pays to have a good understanding of your vehicle’s brakes and when brake repair is necessary. There are also several things you might not know about brakes and brake repair that are interesting to learn.

  • ABS (anti-lock brake systems) aren’t new- Not only are ABS not new, but they also didn’t even begin on cars. They were first developed for use in the aviation industry.
  • Brakes put off a lot of heat- They can produce between 600 and 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit!
  • It is a good idea to have the brake fluid checked regularly- Brake fluid draws water over time, which allows the fluid to heat up more, reducing its effectiveness.
  • Brake systems work to charge hybrid vehicles- If you have a hybrid vehicle, it is even more important to keep up with brake inspections and brake repairs, as braking works to charge the batteries.
  • Your brakes aren’t the only thing stopping your vehicle- Not that you could stop quickly without them, but friction of your tires also works to slow your vehicle, which is especially helpful when your brakes are cold.

Brakes are more complex than you might think and have come a long way from the very first vehicles where a lever system and block of wood composed the mechanical method of braking. If you want to have confidence that your vehicle’s brakes will reliably work when you need them to, reach out to us at Kevin’s Car Repair & Body Shop LLC. We are happy to perform a brake inspection and any brake repairs that might be needed.