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You know the symptoms of poor wheel alignment.  Things like rattling or vibrating, uneven tire tread, and your car pulling to one side as you drive down the road are all indicators that something is wrong with your car.  While driving a car with poor wheel alignment may serve to build your muscles as you strain to keep it going in a straight line down the road, the poor alignment will damage your car—and there are better ways to build your muscles.

Poor Alignment May Build Your Muscles, but Damage Your Car

Some of the dangers associated with driving your car when it has poor wheel alignment include:


  • Wearing out your tires faster
  • Wearing out your ball joints
  • Increased danger as you drive down the road due to the excess strain on both tires and vehicle

The benefits of proper wheel alignment are significant and will provide you with peace of mind as you travel down the road.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Less wear and tear on your tires
  • No vibrations
  • No pulling to one side or the other
  • Greater safety
  • Better gas mileage

While you can wait until you notice signs that you need a wheel alignment to get one done, it is a better idea to get a routine wheel alignment done in order to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear or safety issues on your vehicle.  In general, it is recommended that wheel alignment be checked approximately every 6,000 miles.  It is also a good idea to have wheel alignment completed any time you purchase new tires.  If you are in need of a wheel alignment or would like to have your vehicle checked for an alignment, contact us at Kevin’s Car Repair.  We can keep you running smoothly and safely down the road.