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Auto Mechanics and Brake Jobs – What Do They Do?

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When we hear the high-pitch squealing coming from our car’s wheels upon braking, we know that we’re already overdue for a brake job. But what exactly do mechanics do in a brake job? It turns out the brake job is a little more involved than you might expect for such a routine (and quickly done) service. When doing a brake job, mechanics have several key areas to focus on: the front disc brakes, the rear drum brakes, the fluid lines leading to both systems, and the parking brake.

Most automobiles have disc brakes installed on the front wheels. Mechanics doing a brake job will need to replace the brake pads on the system and inspect the rotors as well. Sometimes the rotors will be resurfaced and polished to keep them even and smooth, but other times the rotors will need to be replaced completely, usually if they are excessively warped.

The rear brakes are usually drum brake systems. The job for mechanics is similar here to in the disc brake system, except there is no brake pad to replace. Instead, a part called a brake shoe, filling a similar role, will be replaced. The contact surface of the drum will also be resurfaced here.

When this is completed, mechanics perform an inspection of the fluid lines to check for leaks. They also flush the fluid from the system lines and replace it with new fluid.

The parking brake is a relatively simple mechanical system, differing from the more complicated systems of the disc and drum brakes, which can be used to slow the car. A parking brake only stops the car. There are many different systems for parking brakes, but mechanics should always inspect and adjust the parking brake during a normal brake job.